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Back Office Management

Back Office Management

Streamlining Healthcare Operations with Back Office Management at Theo Healthcare

At Theo Healthcare, we offer Back Office Management services to healthcare providers, relieving them from the burden of administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on patient care.


Our Back Office Services

Organizing Incoming Faxes

Our team efficiently organizes incoming faxes and takes appropriate actions based on your guidelines.

Responding to Medical Records Requests

We handle medical records requests, ensuring compliance and patient information security.

Filling Out Patient Forms and Producing Documents

Our team takes care of patient forms and required letters, reducing paperwork for medical professionals.

Handling Prior Authorizations

We manage prior authorizations, facilitating communication with insurance companies.


The Burden of Healthcare Paperwork

Paperwork is crucial but time-consuming, taking valuable time away from patient care. Our professionals are skilled in handling and streamlining the paperwork process for you and your patients.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Our Back Office Staff completes paperwork within 24 hours, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Triage and Prioritization

We prioritize urgent matters for timely attention.

Designated Personnel for SOPs

With designated personnel, we establish standard procedures for routine documents, easing the load for healthcare providers.

Streamlining Paperwork with Theo Healthcare


The Impact of Efficient Back Office Management

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Timely paperwork leads to smoother healthcare experiences for patients.

Time and Resource Optimization

Our services free up time and resources, allowing medical professionals to focus on patient care.

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