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Remote Patient Monitoring

At Theo Healthcare, we’ve established a steadfast partnership with one of the most reputable RPM device providers in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, extending to every facet of our solutions: products, data, platforms, and services. Should anything fall short of your expectations, we are dedicated to swiftly addressing and resolving any concerns to your complete satisfaction.

Our pride lies in our robust collaboration with trusted partners, ensuring ultra-reliable data collection through secure cellular networks. Unlike Bluetooth, which relies on device-to-device connections for data transmission, our devices utilize cellular connectivity for instantaneous and hassle-free data transfer.

For patients, this translates to worry-free experiences without the need for syncing, concerns about Wi-Fi connectivity, dongles, or apps. For healthcare providers, it means a steady stream of reliable data that translates into improved patient outcomes and enhanced reimbursement. And for our partners, it signifies seamless data transmission their customers can depend on.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 individuals encounter challenges when using Bluetooth for data transfer?

We're proud to offer an ultra-secure data transmission process, facilitated by our impregnable 4/5G cellular network, ensuring real-time transmission of patient-generated health data.

Our platform has been rigorously battle-tested, boasting an impressive 99.9999% uptime, along with exceptional scalability and redundancy, guaranteeing that your data will always be accessible in a timely manner.

Additionally, we provide exclusive cellular monitoring devices curated to deliver an optimal, patient-friendly experience, facilitating regular testing and optimizing both reimbursement and patient outcomes.

For those seeking valuable insights and data-driven solutions, our comprehensive suite of data management tools, reports, and dashboards helps identify growth opportunities and areas for business optimization.

With our efficient shipping and logistics management, we ensure that devices reach their intended destinations, including direct deliveries to patients' homes. We offer additional solutions such as automated refill replenishment, co-branding, device kitting, and product refurbishment.

Our commitment to device training solutions is unparalleled, guaranteeing that patients are well-equipped to meet monthly testing data requirements, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Rest assured, our devices and solutions are fully compliant with the highest industry standards, including HIPAA, FDA, FTC, Medicare, and commercial payor requirements. Your peace of mind is our top priority at Theo Healthcare."

Our Devices


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Theo Healthcare's RPM Solutions

At Theo Healthcare, our RPM solutions are tailored to enhance your health and well-being, offering proactive support for various chronic conditions.”


Heart Health

Our RPM solutions offer vital support for managing congestive heart failure. Daily weight monitoring provides valuable insights for weight management and enables early detection of cardiac decompensation.


Diabetes Care

For individuals with diabetes, our RPM services include periodic or continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels, allowing us to promptly identify significant fluctuations and provide timely intervention.


Weight Management

We provide ongoing monitoring and weight measurements for effective weight management. Our data-driven approach enables personalized lifestyle recommendations to stabilize or reduce weight effectively.


Respiratory Health

Managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) becomes more efficient with our RPM services. We offer effective and timely oversight to detect exacerbations promptly, resulting in improved decision support and enhanced patient adherence to recommendations.


Blood Pressure Control

Our RPM solutions also target hypertension management. Consistent monitoring of blood pressure data enables us to make timely recommendations and adjust patient care plans, reducing the risk of cardiac events.

How it Works?

1. Patient Identification

Our process begins with the identification of the patient. This step involves gathering essential information about the individual, including their personal details and medical history. Accurate patient identification is crucial to provide tailored care.


2. Patient Enrollment

Once a patient is identified, they are enrolled in our healthcare program. This step involves formalizing the patient's participation, ensuring they understand the program's benefits, and obtaining their consent to receive our services.


3. Regular Contact

Regular communication is vital in our healthcare approach. We schedule monthly calls with patients to assess their progress, address any concerns, and provide ongoing support. These calls help us adapt the care plan as needed.


4. Time Completion & Compliance

We understand that healthcare is time-sensitive. Our team is committed to ensuring that care tasks and treatments are completed within the stipulated timeframes, promoting timely recovery and improved health outcomes.


5. Quality Check

Quality assurance is integral to our process. We routinely evaluate the effectiveness of our care plans and services to maintain high standards of healthcare delivery. Continuous improvement is a core principle.


6. Documentation

Comprehensive and accurate documentation is maintained for each patient. This includes medical records, progress notes, and any changes to the care plan. Proper documentation ensures transparency and accountability.


7. Billing Sevices

We offer transparent billing services to streamline the financial aspects of healthcare. Our billing team ensures that patients are billed accurately, and we provide support for insurance claims and payment options.

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