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Getting healthcare revenue cycle management is the most tedious task. Get it done and affiliate with the payers.
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The Complexity of Medical Billing

Medical Billing is a dynamic and complex aspect of US healthcare. With constant changes in regulations, it becomes challenging for providers and their assistants to stay updated and manage billing efficiently.

Theo Healthcare's Expert Billing Team

At Theo Healthcare, we have a team of billing experts who excel in the nuances of Medical Billing:

Staying Current with Policies

Our billing team stays abreast of existing policies and new changes in the billing sphere, ensuring accurate and compliant billing practices.

Dedicated Practice Managers

Each practice is assigned a dedicated practice manager who offers personalized support and addresses any billing queries, streamlining the process for you.

Theo Healthcare's Expert Billing Team

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Transparency and Data-Driven Reports

We believe in transparency and provide regular data-driven reports that offer valuable insights for your practice:

Understanding Your Practice's Standing

Our billing team provides data-driven reports that help you understand your practice's financial health and identify areas for improvement.

Making Informed Decisions

With insights from the reports, you can make informed decisions to promote future growth and financial stability.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our dedicated billing experts handle all aspects of your revenue cycle, including:

Claim Submissions

We ensure accurate and timely claim submissions to maximize reimbursement rates.

Denial Management

Our team proactively addresses claim denials, reducing delays and increasing revenue collection.

Patient Payment Collections

We handle patient payments efficiently, ensuring a smooth payment process and patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare for Private Practices

  • Outsourcing revenue cycle management helps keep better records.

  • Optimize workflow to maximize reimbursements

  • Reduce the administrative burden on your staff

  • Minimize medical billing RCM and coding errors

  • Improve Claims Acceptance Rate

  • Faster Collections to Increase Practice Revenue

  • Simplify the medical billing and coding process

  • Reduce the days of A/R and enhance the revenue cycle process

  • We make your practice productive and efficient

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