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Prime Health United offers the option to acquire a Healthcare Virtual Assistant, providing exceptional performance at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional salaries.

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Your Reliable Healthcare Virtual Assistants

Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants start at minimum wage rates for your state with absolutely no hidden fees or setup costs. Our hassle-free, no-contract policy means you can cancel at any time. This eliminates risk to you and ensures our Healthcare Virtual Assistants earn your business every day. The Healthcare Virtual Assistants work your preferred hours.

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Medical Scribing Services

Our Virtual Medical Scribes not only write charts for you, but help you in ordering prescriptions, labs, referrals, coding ICDS and going through all sorts of clinical documentation.

  • Doctors spend around 3.5-6 hours daily on EMRs, mainly for tasks like charting, prescriptions, labs, and referrals (source: study).

  • Our MAs allow the doctors to focus on the clinical aspects of patient interactions instead of wasting time on documentation and EMR management.

  • This means the doctors can actually focus on their conversations with the patients and hold eye contact

  • This eliminates wait time in-between patients as MA takes care of documentation while the provider moves on.

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