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Welcome to our Primary Care Programs Management Services page. At Theo Health Care, we are a leading provider of virtual services for doctors in the USA, specializing in managing your practice’s HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI programs. Our dedicated team of experts is here to streamline the process, ensuring compliance, optimizing revenue, and improving patient outcomes.

Primary care management

Understanding HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI

HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI are three vital quality measurement and improvement programs for healthcare providers, each serving a crucial role in assessing and enhancing the quality of care delivered to patients:

medical quality measurment

HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set)

HEDIS is a widely recognized performance measurement tool used by health plans to evaluate the quality of healthcare services. It consists of a comprehensive set of measures that assess various aspects of care, including preventive services, chronic disease management, and behavioral health. HEDIS helps identify areas of improvement, benchmark provider performance, and drive efforts to deliver better patient outcomes.

MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System)

MIPS is a part of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) initiated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). It is designed to evaluate and reward eligible clinicians based on four performance categories: Quality, Improvement Activities, Promoting Interoperability, and Cost. MIPS provides financial incentives to providers who deliver high-quality care and engage in continuous improvement, while also helping identify areas for performance enhancement.

BHI (Behavioral Health Integration)

BHI focuses on integrating behavioral health services, such as mental health and substance abuse treatment, into primary care settings. This program recognizes the importance of addressing both physical and behavioral health aspects of patients' well-being. By integrating these services, healthcare providers can improve care coordination, enhance patient outcomes, and promote a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Industry Expertise

Our team comprises experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI requirements and regulations. We stay up-to-date with changes in these programs, ensuring accurate and compliant management.

Program Implementation

We handle the entire process of implementing HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI initiatives in your practice, from data collection to reporting, relieving your staff of administrative burdens.

Quality Metrics Tracking

Our team monitors and tracks quality metrics for each program, providing valuable insights to enhance patient care and practice performance.

Why Choose Our Primary Care Programs Management Services?

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Revenue Optimization

With a focus on coding accuracy and documentation improvement, we help you maximize revenue opportunities while participating in these programs.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our management services to meet the unique needs of your practice, ensuring a seamless integration that complements your existing workflows.

Understanding HEDIS, MIPS, and BHI

HEDIS Program Management

  • Data Collection: We gather and organize the necessary data to meet HEDIS reporting requirements.
  • Performance Analysis: Our experts assess your practice's performance against HEDIS measures, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Reporting: We handle HEDIS reporting, ensuring timely and accurate submissions to meet quality standards.

MIPS Program Support

  • Eligibility Evaluation: We determine your practice's eligibility for MIPS and guide you through the participation process.
  • Quality Measures Selection: Our team helps you select appropriate quality measures that align with your practice's goals.
  • Data Submission: We manage data submission and reporting, optimizing your MIPS score and potential incentives.

BHI Integration

  • Workflow Enhancement: We integrate behavioral health services seamlessly into your primary care practice, improving patient care coordination.
  • Outcome Tracking: Our team monitors patient outcomes related to BHI, helping you demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated care.

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